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Apartment for sale in Turkey, Istambul

  |  Posting date: 20/10/17
TUR151 is a 1.5 million m2 Residential/Marina project, covering around 1.5 Km of Istanbul shoreline. The project
comprises approximately 500 villas and 4,500 apartments, providing homes for up to 25,000 residents.
Besides it’s own marina, this unique project, the only development of its kind in Istanbul, will also offer various
facilities for daily living, such as Shopping Mall & Health Facility - Social Cultural Facility & Education Facility -
Commercial Zone & Social Facility - Touristic and Excursion facilities along with park and recreation areas located
around town
The project, a meeting point between Istanbul and the sea, is far away from the usual visual/noise pollution generally
associated with this vast and vibrant city, being designed in such a way as to offer 15m2 of green space per resident.
There are currently town services being provided to over 1.000 residents in the Yakamoz and Kalyon districts and, at
the 500 boat capacity marina, there are restaurants, cafes, stores, and even a helicopter field available for residents.
The project is easy accessible from:
 Sea – via private boat/planned water-taxi service
 Air – from Istanbul’s Ataturk & new airport and by private helicopter
 Road - through E-5, E-6 highways, new ring road and rapid access ways
With an estimated completion date of 2020 for the whole town, the project consists of 3 different phases.
Near the Sea - Calm Area
100 m2
$ 200,000
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